My lunch for today

My lunch

My lunch

My lunch

My lunch







My husband and I have been eating far too much for the past couple of days and we we’re craving for something light and healthy. I couldn’t think of what to make but I remembered we had a lot of salad from my dads garden, fresh Kale from the garden and eggs.

Hope you enjoy!

Complete recipe are:

2 cloves of garlic, 1 tomato, Chinese sausage (optional, you can use any substitute for this). For the greens – kale, lettuce, mint, Vietnamese mint, perilla leaves and spring onions (Use any greens you have on hand, we had leftover’s from our fresh Vietnamese role that I had available at the time) 2 eggs and Parmesan cheese.


I sauted the garlic then tomatoes in oil until slightly soft, I then added the Chinese sausage until slightly brown. In another pan, cook the eggs. I like my eggs sunny side up and slightly runny.

Going back to the other pan, add your greens, cover until slightly soft and your done.

Now we plate, transfer the content from your first pan onto a plate, place the eggs on top and for more flavouring, sprinkle with shaved Parmesan cheese.

Hope you enjoy this quick, easy and healthy meal.









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