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My Garden

My Garden

Welcome to my garden! When we first bought this house the garden style was formal – very manicured. It looked great but it was not my style. I have always dreamed of having a cottage garden where I’ll have fruits trees, vegetables, herbs, fragrant flowers scattered around my garden, birds and bee’s feeding from this bountiful backyard. Be sustainable.

Happy to say, I am getting there and feel content.  It might be slow but I am already reaping the rewards of all my hard work, I’m able to just step outside and pick vegetables, bees are enjoying my flowers, able to harvest from my citrus and fruit trees.

It been tough sometime’s as I only have a small garden, I have been creative on how to maximise the space, how to deal with pests such as fruit fly, leaf miners, slugs and snails. I had my fails but mostly I have been fortunate enough to enjoy the harvest.

This blog is a place for me to share my adventure’s in gardening, inspirations, DIY’s and show you fulfilling it is to gown your own food.

By the way, I have a bird bath outside already all I need is create a bird feeder. That’s my next project!

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