Spring has arrived…

Persimmon Tree in buds

Persimmon Tree – now in buds


Spring has finally arrived! I bought this Persimmon tree last Autumn from my local nursery as a bare root. I always wait for Autumn as bare roots stock can cost up to 40% less – that means I can get more trees. But now, I’ve started to air propagate to cut down on cost and to my amazement, it grew!

Below is my propagated Gardenia, we had hail storm here a couple of months ago and it pretty much shredded all of the foliage of my plants. Luckily, these plants are resilient. I have a bay tree as well that I have propagated.


Getting back to my Persimmon Tree, I was a bit worried that this not survive as I did plant a Mango tree in the same spot last time and it had root rot due to too much rain. This time, I have dugged the hole deeper, added alot of green waste and made sure the tree was raised and SUCCESS, it’s budding now and I cant wait to see the fruits to develop!

Thank you for reading! I’ll make another post on how to air propagate your trees for sharing, to save money or to clone (not sure if that;s the right word) your favourite tree





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